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Fits Gillette*

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We guarantee the result of technological innovations so that you look and feel better

Our razors guarantee a flawlessly smooth shave every time, meeting the highest standards of grooming excellence.

We integrate state-of-the-art blade technology to ensure precision, comfort, and durability in every shave.

We guarantee uncompromising results at a reasonable price. No more overpaying for quality.
100% result
The best technologies
High effectiveness
Our values
Razor with 3 blades.
Many refils in one package.
Pro 3
Improved disposable razor with 3 blades, lubricating strip and pivoting head.
TopTech 3
Classic razor with 3 blades. Fits Gillette Mach3*.
Razor 3
Razor with 5 blades.
Many refils in one package.
Pro 5
Classic disposable razor with 2 blades.
TopTech 2
Premium razor with 5 blades. Fits Gillette Fusion*.
Ultra 5
Our products
Lubricating strip
Made from natural ingredients with the addition minerals and aloe vera extract, so that you enjoy maximum comfort
Pivoting head
The floating head follows the contours of the face and body, allowing you to shave even hard-to-reach areas.
Non-slip handle
The comfortable handle design prevents slipping during shaving
L-blade technology
The precision-ground L-blades are positioned as close together as possible. The minimum distance reduces pressure on the skin, which reduces the risk of nicks and irritations after shaving
Open-back technology
The open cartridge architecture makes it easy to clean the blades from hairs and foam.
Fits Gillette*
The unique connection technology makes our razors and cartridges compatible with Gillette*
Detangling strip
Guides hairs precisely to the blades for a close shave you barely feel
Our technologies
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